Notice to Public and Government Agencies:

Location of micronation

The Commonwealth of Dracul is a government-simulated micronation, founded on September 25, 2017. In addition, Dracul is a political statement. The location that Dracul claims is at 1200 Clear Lake City Blvd, Houston, Texas.

Ownership and authority

It is well understood that the area claimed is not under the actual authority or ownership of Dracul, but of the City of Houston Parks Department. Dracul members do not attempt to restrict access to any third parties at any time.

Positions of power

Individuals with titles of President, Vice President, military commanders, and Secretary of Local Defense are simulated positions, solely for the organization.

Firearms possession

Dracul does not own or possess firearms, and is not a threat to national security or a rebellion against the United States Government.

Government documents

Government documents, such as citizenship certificates, banknotes, driver licenses, and others are simply novelty items, and are not encouraged to be used outside of the organization.