Department Foreign Affairs

About Foreign Affairs

The Commonwealth of Dracul informally recognizes all Micronations.  However, if a Micronation desires to establish full diplomatic relations with the Commonwealth, please contact the Department of Foreign Affairs.  Please be aware that our requirements for formal recognition must be met to receive recognition and diplomacy. There are no exceptions. If a requesting Micronation meets these criteria, the Department of Foreign Affairs will contact them and send a Treaty of Recognition and Friendship, signed by the Secretary of State for the approval of the government of the requesting Micronation.


Steps for Recognition and Diplomacy

  1. Download and read Diplomatic Recognition Criteria, located at the bottom of the page, to ensure you meet the requirements.
  2. Email the Department of Foreign Affairs at DFA(at) and provide detailed information about your micronation.
  3. Wait for DFA to review your request; expect a response within 48 hours, after the review has been decided upon.
    Most requests will be approved, unless an issue is discovered.

Download: Diplomatic Recognition Criteria 10-27-18

About the Secretary of State

Acting Secretary of State, Roman Kuznetsov is always hard at work, establishing recognition and diplomacy with other micronations. The Parliament and Secretary ensure the best relations, for both Dracul and the rest the micronational world. In his absence, the Office of the President, along with the Parliament, takes over the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Current Treaties Date Established Status
Republic of Molossia 09/25/2017 Active
Kingdom of Ourania 10/01/2017 Active
The Aerican Empire 10/08/2017 Active
Republic of Egan 10/15/2017 Active
Kingdom of the Barin 05/12/2018 Active
House of DeHerrera 05/13/2018 Active
Royal Kingdom Aristocracy Africans 07/12/2018 Active
Republic of Banham 07/25/2018 Active
Grand Duchy of Pikeland 10/13/2018 Active
Republic of West Who 10/28/2018 Active
Xingoyian Empire 11/01/2018 Active
Anacratic Republic of Padrhom 11/10/2018 Active
Principality of Perjoden 11/17/2018 Active
Grand Duchy of Flandrensis 11/17/2018 Temporary
Former Treaties Date Established Reason
Kingdom of Seredniye 04/09/2018 Dissolved
Republic of Onoland 04/09/2018 Dissolved
Fed. Socialist People's Republic 05/13/2018 Dissolved
Metropolitan Electorate of Fidelis 05/20/2018 Revoked
Republic of Moldania 07/22/2018 Dissolved