Notice to Public and Government Agencies:

What is a micronation?

A micronation is sometimes referred to as a "model country" or "political statement", depending on how a specific micronation operates. They should not be confused with cults, anti-government groups, terrorist organizations, or threats to national security. Most micronations are simply organizations who wish to make a statement on how they feel real governments should operate.

Any micronation, who operates in a malicious manner, is typically not welcomed within the micronational community. There are well over thousands of micronations in the world, all operating in different capacities, such as fantasy, roleplay, political party organizations, and activism groups. If you have any questions, simply view our website, or contact us for additional details. Micronations fall under the freedom of speech and expression and simply existing as an entity is not illegal. Most members of Dracul are proud citizens of the countries in which they reside. Anti-Government discussions are not welcomed in the organization.

Location of micronation

The Commonwealth of Dracul is a government-style organization, founded on September 25, 2017. In addition, Dracul is a political statement. The location that Dracul meets at for organization meetings is at 1200 Clear Lake City Blvd, Houston, Texas.

Ownership and authority

It is well understood that the area used for meetings is not under the actual authority or ownership of Dracul, but of the City of Houston Parks Department. Dracul members do not attempt to restrict access to any third parties, or alter the property at any time. The area is primarily used for photography and gatherings.

Positions of power

Individuals with titles of President, Vice President, Secretary of State, military commanders, and Secretary of Local Defense are organizational position titles, solely for the organization's use. They are not to be used outside of the organization, to impersonate or falsely portray themselves as a foreign government employee.

Firearms possession

The Dracul Administration or "Local Defense" does not own nor possess firearms and is not a threat to national security or a rebellion against the United States or any other Government. Any weapons owned by members are simply private ownership and are not carried at the Sylvan Rodriguez Park. At times, color guard parade replica rifles and sabers are used during ceremonies. According to the Texas Penal Code, there are no longer restrictions on bladed weaponry.

Government documents

Government documents, such as citizenship certificates, banknotes, driver licenses, and others are simply novelty items, and are not encouraged to be used outside of the organization. We do not issue or possess any type of passport, nor will we issue such document, to prevent passport fraud. If a passport exists, claiming to be issued by the Draculian Government, it was made by a third party.