The Luke-Modena Administration

From left to right; President Stephen Luke and Vice President Connor Modena

The Luke-Modena Administration strives to ensure the most realistic protection and success for the Commonwealth. Campaigns, legislative approval, and support for our citizens is just the start.

Secretary to the President and Chief of Staff are two of the major positions supporting the Administration. They ensure proper communication between foreign entities and governments.

The Presidential Cabinet

From left to right; VP Connor Modena, Secretary of State Valeriano Anibarro, Chief of Staff FM Scott Jeanes, and SBA Administrator Bruce Cooper

The Presidential Cabinet is a crucial part of the Administration's success, as they provide constant feedback, suggestions, and ideas to the Administration.

Many areas of importance are covered, as the members in the cabinet are part of a specific department and in charge of said department. Their skills from their position assist the administration on the daily.