Attacks from Fidelis and Kaleido Supporters

On Tuesday afternoon, President Howie released a press statement on an incident that occurred Monday, June 4, 2019.

My fellow supporters and micronational community…

On Monday, June 3, 2019, our ally, King William DeHerrera, from the House of DeHerrera, inquired upon the Independent State of Kaleido, the status of their Royal Decree 19 (Anti-LGBTQ Law), which was in effect, prior to their new King’s leadership. While attempting to gather the status of the Royal Decree, the House of DeHerrera was viciously attacked by the supporters of Kaleido and the Metropolitan Electorate of Fidelis, who published a statement today, June 4, 2019.

Fidelis stated in today’s press release that Kaleido and the Philippine Micronational Community condemned ‘unprofessional, improper, and callous attitudes’ of the Commonwealth of Dracul and the House of DeHerrera’. After further review of the Fidelis press release, it was discovered that King William DeHerrera only asked one question pertaining to Kaleido’s former Royal Decree and stated their disapproval of the former Decree. Vice President Luke from Dracul simply suggested to DeHerrera that the law was most likely not dissolved, due a minimal publication of this change and departed the conversation. DeHerrera and Dracul did not attack or tread on any freedom.

The Commonwealth of Dracul strongly condemns the actions and statements from the supporters of Kaleido and Fidelis, who could have easily and professionally handled this simple inquiry, by answering the question and ending the conversation. Instead, Kaleido and Fidelis supporters made it their sole mission to band together, to target the DeHerrera LGBTQ House of Leadership, and worse, during Pride Month.

It is unknown how truly dedicated, serious, and professional these micronations and their supporters are, especially after their attacks in this incident. What is known is that Dracul and DeHerrera will not stand for false propaganda and will make it their sole mission to expose it at any given opportunity. These micronations and supporters will be held accountable. I thank all our continued supporters and the believers in true “Freedom of Speech” and “Expression”.

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