Draculians worried as fire continues to spread toxins

Many citizens are worried that the fires may not burn out for up to two days

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The fire has been burning since Sunday around 10:30 a.m. It started with one tank at Intercontinental Terminals Company in La Porte and spread to more. Now six tanks are burning as emergency responders work with foam and water to try and control further spreading. 

"We have made some head way in that three of our tanks are still on fire and three are intermittent fires," said Alice Richardson, a spokesperson for ITC. "They flare up, then go down. We make strong headway and we are putting a foam blanket on top." 

The company claims testing done by independent contractor CTEH are below levels that would represent a public health concern. But not everyone is confident we're in the clear. 

"By looking behind me, you can tell this is not normal, this is not fine," said Corey Williams, policy and research director for Air Alliance Houston. "The only thing preventing this from being a major catastrophe is favorable weather conditions." 

Williams says there may be a delayed effect and we could see black particles settling. 

"If it gets bad, go inside and seek shelter," Rivera said. 

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