Employment Openings

We provide job opportunity for citizens of the Commonwealth. Ensure you read the job description to ensure you meet the minimum requirements. Jobs are typically posted until filled. A small yearly due is required to maintain your Dracul email account for maintenance and storage.

Jobs are ranked 1-5, with 1 meaning less time and 5 meaning the most time required for the job. Applying for a job that you do not have the time for may result in your early termination. For those with little time, apply for jobs marked 1-3. Government employees are required to have a Dracul email address, which does incur a cost of $1 per month, payable to Dracul Treasury via PayPal.

Government Jobs (18+)

Professional Standards Director

Commitment Level: 3

Open until filled - Investigates non-criminal matters regarding professional conduct of government employees.

Secretary of the Treasury

Commitment Level: 2

Open until filled - Keeps records of income and expenses, creates new currency designs.

State Department Ambassador

Commitment Level: 3

Open until filled - Maintains communication with other micronations in relations with Dracul.

Civilian Jobs

News Anchor - KBRN News

Commitment Level: 3

Open until filled - Announces the weekly news on video/audio, discusses current events.

News Contributor - KBRN Newspaper

Commitment Level: 2

Open until filled - Writes articles on developments in Dracul and the micro community.