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The Office of the President, along with the Executive Departments.

Office of the President


Currently serving as the 1st President of Dracul, Dmitri Howie is also a founding father. President Howie assisted Vice President Luke in 2017, with the creation of the nation. Since Dracul's beginning, President Howie has assisted with several conflicts within and outside of Dracul.

Vice President

A friend and known to many, Vice President Stephen Luke has made his image within the micronational community. Vice President Luke assists with various projects and issues within Dracul. When the President is unavailable, Vice President Luke resolves conflicts within the community.

The Executive Branch

The Office of the Presidency strives to provide the best life for all citizens and members of the Commonwealth. Both President and Vice President accomplish this by passing the best laws, to change how governments operate and treat their citizens. Dracul is a Constitutional Republic organization and seeks to provide the best freedoms to all who wish to have it. An election for both President and Vice President of Dracul occurs every four years on Election Day, held the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. The next Presidential election will be held on November 2, 2021.

Department of State

State maintains current relations, while establishing relations with new, interested nations. Ambassadors maintain contact between Dracul and others.

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Department of Defense

Ensuring a safe and secure community, Defense defends both physically and digitally against threats, both from within and outside.

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Department of the Treasury

Physical currency, its design and regulation are the responsibility of the Treasury. Banknote selling is also controlled by the Secretary of the Treasury.

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Department of Justice

To ensure justice is served within the Commonwealth, our Justice Department, headed by the Attorney General, prosecutes those who violate our laws.

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