Fidelis rejects offer, threatens Dracul's Vice President

In an attempt to salvage what possibilities remained between the Metropolitan Electorate of Fidelis and the Commonwealth of Dracul, Vice President Stephen Luke was threatened and insulted by Fidelis, early Wednesday night on Facebook. The incident was in result of an already ongoing issue between the House of DeHerrera and Fidelis, after DeHerrera asked Fidelis if their anti-LGBTQ law was retracted, Monday afternoon.

Dracul Vice President Luke made every attempt to maintain professionalism and avoid insulting others, late Wednesday night, as Luke attempted to offer putting aside the differences of Fidelis and Dracul. VP Luke suggested for Fidelis to contact Dracul's office via email. Fidelis, instead of taking the opportunity, demanded that Dracul be the first one to initiate contact, then proceeded to hurl insults and threats of desire to the Vice President.

As if the insults and threat weren't enough for Fidelis; they then proceeded to accuse Dracul of using suicide awareness to build a populated micronation. Vice President Luke said "the chances of ever establishing better relations between Dracul and Fidelis have been shattered. Never has Dracul ever encountered such disrespect, such conduct that was unbecoming of a 'leader', or behaviors that showed desires to physically assault others." he stated. "We are proud to have our suicide awareness supporters and our current allies, who would never dare disrespect a true friend of theirs" he ended.

After reviewing the Fidelis facebook page, it appears Fidelis has deleted the comments, in an attempt to salvage their reputation.


Screenshot of Facebook, showing Fidelis insulting VP Luke, along with showing threats of desire of physical assault