Flandrensis Formally Recognizes Dracul

On March 4, 2019, HRH Niels de Saint Gilliens, Grand Duke of Flandrensis, contacted the Dracul Department of State to offically offer a treaty of friendship and mutual recognition. This decision was made after 6 months of temporary recognition status. The Grand Duke stated in an email to the Department of State,

"Today the Grand Ducal Cabinet decided to remove the Two Tier Bilateral Cooperation treaty system and we turn back to the old system of recognition, but more selective. Having this said, the cabinet agreed unanimously with the upgrade to full recognition of the Commonwealth of Dracul. There are not many micronations who achieved so much on short term and developed into a respected and professional micronation. In the Commonwealth of Dracul we see a micronation with a strong foundation that even inspires new micronations."

Presidential Secretary Roman Kuznetsov was able to respond to the email, thanking Flandrensis for their decision and dedication to the micronational community.

"We certainly appreciate this decision of yours and we hold nothing against you for the delay -- life becomes busy and certain things must wait in line. Our Secretary of State Tyler Hibler has reviewed and agreed upon this treaty. His signature has been affixed at the bottom and this is your return copy. We'd like to thank you for all you do in not only the micronational community, but the world as a whole. Protecting our only home is vital and decisions must be made to preserve what we have left. We are pleased of this decision and look forward to working with you into the future. We will begin our own campaign September 2019, for Suicide Awareness and Prevention, a hot topic as you well know, for all walks of life. We will continue to keep you posted. If you wish to assist in this campaign, please let us know. Thank you again for your time."

Dracul plans on launching their first campaign for Suicide Awareness and Prevention, beginning in September 2019. Dracul has offered a seat on the campaign to Flandrensis. It is unknown at this time if Flandrensis will accept or decline the offer.