Identification Cards in Stock

Want a way to identify with Dracul's Community? Make a donation of $10 USD for your very own plastic ID card! Customized with your information and mailed right from the Dracul Texas Embassy. This special purchase is reserved for active citizens only.

$10.00 USD/per item

Dracul National Flag w/stick (2x3 Size)

Show off your patriotism with a Dracul hand flag, sized at 2x3, provided with a plastic stick. These sell out quickly, so buy one for yourself or a loved one today!

$5.00 USD (Only 3 left!)

Purchase Dracul Banknotes ('21 Series)

Although you're not able to exchange these for real American dollars, you certainly can purchase a set of our unique, in-house printed banknotes, depicting various icons of Dracul, such as Vlad III, Nicholas II, Frederick the Great, Stephen II, and various others, just $10 USD.


Purchase Dracul Banknotes ('22 Series)

Our 2022 Series banknotes are unique from the previous series, with all denominations in green, new faces of Dracul, as well as a new 500 mark note. Series is expected to be released by November 2022.

Set to be sold at $10.00 USD/per set

Coming Soon