Department of Local Defense

The Department of Local Defense was created to provide a military style structure for those interested in serving in a micronation military branch. Dracul does not recognize micronation wars and will not provide aid, support, or participate in wars for any reason whatsoever. At this time, the Department of Local Defense is merely a ceremonial department, used during celebrations and photography.

While there have been incidents in the past, where Dracul's military was requested, an actual demonstration or gathering did not take place. Since then, Dracul's military has been used to provide better discipline, for those who wish to receive it. The "Rebel Skirmish" that took place in Dracul's infancy was simply a mock trial of micronation wars and was dismissed soon after its initiation.

Becoming a part of the Draculian Military has many benefits and rewards. Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Draculian currency pay
  • Discounts for Draculian items
  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Short careers and a free sword
  • Veteran assistance

Military Hiring Process

  • Apply for the branch of your choice
  • Speak with a recruiter for job details
  • Pass the ETBS with a 70% or higher
  • Sign contract with military branch
  • Receive job detail and rank
  • Receive training/boot camp
  • Receive uniforms/equipment
  • Begin duties within the Draculian military

Dracul Secretary of Local Defense

Dennis Garza
Since January 9, 2019