Museum of Natural History to open in Gradonia

On February 26th, President Wilson announced the planning for the creation of the Gradonian Natural History Museum. This comes after the President began an geological survey of the provinces Cookan and Cedarburg.

It has been confirmed that the Museum of Natural History is planned to have three main areas of study. Zoology of Gradonia, including paleontology and also fauna of the local US ecosystem. Native American history and culture within Gradonia and with artifacts included. And finally, Gradonian Geology: exploring the formations found within the nation, how they were created, and how they affect Gradonian agriculture, industry, and culture.

In a statement from the President:

“I have already begun searching for folks willing to become curators and directors of our Museum. [History] is very important to me and Gradonia. If we don’t know what to take pride of in our history, how can we take pride in our decisions now?”

The Museum is scheduled to open on May 6th at 12:00 p.m. (CST).