North Dracul Trail Named to Spradley Memorial

President Howie signed Executive Order 0003 into action on May 1, 2019, in memory of Adrienne Spradley, a friend to many Draculians and to the Vice President. The Executive Order was proposed to President Howie by Vice President Luke the day prior. In the Executive Order, President Howie wrote, "Adrienne was a friend to many Draculians and showed interest in Dracul."

"She was a true friend for sure!" said Vice President Luke. "A troubling loss, especially since she was only 24. It won't be easy for many, but we now live for her." he ended. Spradley is currently in intensive care and expected to not recover from her coma. Friday will be her final day when the family makes the call to end support. The walking trail is located to the Northeast of the Unity Fountain in North Dracul.

Executive Order 0003