Mutual Recognition

Provided on this page are a list of micronations who are currently recognized by Dracul. Micronations that have dissolved and are no longer in contact with us have been removed from the list, due to their revoked or expired recognition status. If you've been approved for recognition and your name is no longer listed, it was removed due to a lack of communication.

Please note that a treaty of mutual recognition does not make one an "ally" of Dracul; it simply means their sovereignty is recognized. Allies are established by the Department of Defense.

List updated 05/07/2022

Aerican Empire


Anacratic Republic of Padrhom

Empire of Lehmark

Grand Duchy of Flandrensis

Grand Duchy of Lagoan Isles

Grand Duchy of Westarctica

Great Realm of Genovia

House of DeHerrera

Kingdom of Fristehen

Kingdom of Ourania

Principality of Perjoden

Realm of Legialle

Republic of Rino Island

Republic of Socovia


Royaume de Wachidia

State of Vishwamitra

Penn Federal Republic

Federal Republic of Nabuzje

Irish Federation of Breco


Duchy of Bardo


Grand Duchy of Hagersbourg

Grand Duchy of Pikeland

Kingdom of Damora

Kingdom of Gnome

Kingdom of Liahonia

Principality of Woodlandia

Queendom of Nyx

Republic of Saint Castin

Republic of West Who

Nation of Sasperia

Snagovian Federal Republic

Xingoyian Empire

Kingdom of Stratton

Republic of New Czechoslovakia

Principality of Beremagne

Crown of Ruthenia and Karnia

Kingdom of Hurikano