Positive responses toward the Suicide Awareness Campaign 

The Suicide Awareness and prevention Campaign announced by Vice President of Dracul, Stephen Luke, in early February 2019 Bran House Huston, has received some positive responses among micronations in the past few weeks.

After the campaign was announced, Republic of Molossia became the first micronation to support the campaign on February 1st. Later on, the Kingdom of Ourania and KumoriSol Empire also responded and became our partner toward this international issue on February 2nd and 14th respectively.

According to the V.P. Luke, This campaign is expected to be fulfilled in September 2019. Furthermore, it will become the primary mission of Dracul citizens to promote this campaign and make it a permanent consensus between micronations around the world.

V.P. Stephen Luke's announcement in the Bran House
The partnership treaty signed by Commonwealth of Dracul and Kingdom of Ourania

International News Editor

Jacky Yang From Taiwan, Taichung city, 2019