President Howie supports the true ICAN

On Saturday, President Howie made a public statement, advocating and supporting the true Intermicronational Congress of Allied Nations (ICAN) group, primarily active on the social media platform, Facebook. This statement was made due to actions taking place in another organzation, which claimed to the true ICAN.

According to Dracul and ICAN records, an issue began a few months after October 2018, where multiple ICAN individuals in power began making decisions on discussions without support or vote from other ICAN members; a violation of ICAN's policies and governing style. To prevent corruption within ICAN, the security council removed the questionable individuals to restore order and maintain peace. After their removal, it was later viewed that those individuals created their own group, however using the same name ICAN, in an attempt to confuse and fool others in the community.

In the statement made Saturday, President Howie stated, "Dracul would like to state for the record, that we only claim membership and recognize one ICAN Organization as legitimate and truly beneficial, which is the ICAN of Chairman William Kennedy". President Howie, along with Vice President Luke further stated that they are doing everything in their power, to adequately assist ICAN in finally shutting down and exposing the fake ICAN group and its rubber stamp administration.

"We are quite aware of the issues that are ongoing in that fake ICAN group" stated Vice President Luke. "They like to pretend that everything is in their favor, however, they hold no real elections or votes, and we know this, due to the fact that they cannot provide documentation of their actions. They don't even record minutes, which is a vital part of running an organization such as this. We are finally at the threshold to finally exposing their bogus operations and fake membership numbers." he ended.

Dracul is part of the ICAN Security Council and will continue to participate in operations and campaigns, to finally put an end to the headache that has plagued the true ICAN establishment.

Statement from President Howie, released Saturday March 16