Refinery fire near Dracul worsens overnight

Continuous updates on the Deer Park, TX ITC Refinery Fire

A black smoke cloud lingers over the City of Houston and Deer Park
A black smoke cloud lingers over the City of Houston and Deer Park

What had started out as a small contained fire on Sunday, turned into a 12 container fire by Tuesday, according to Deer Park officials.

An ITC refinery in Deer Park Texas, about 15 miles North of Dracul, had its fire situation worsen early Tuesday morning, as water pressure was lost, resulting in a rise in the fire's intensity. A large black cloud of smoke still lingers over Deer Park, as well as several neighboring cities, including the area of Houston near Dracul.

City of Houston and ITC officials claim the air quality is normal and not a concern, but many residents are not convinced of that, especially after learning about the hazardous materials held in the engulfed containers.

"We know that there are several chemicals; Naphtha and Xylene to be a few, that cause respiratory issues." said Vice President Stephen Luke. "The city and company state that there are no safety issues, but that obviously is hard to believe. We are taking no chances with this and enacting a State of Emergency in Dracul, until further notice" he ended.

City and ITC officials are unaware of how long this fire will continue, but say the effects could go on for days. Rain is expected toward the end of the week, and such weather could cause the black cloud of smoke to move closer towards the ground.