S.B. 008 passes, ends Dracul Citizenship for Foreign Government Members

Senate Bill 008 passed Parliament last week, ending the ability for foreign government members to hold Draculian Citizenship. This law was proposed by Members of Parliament, as well as a few Draculian Citizens, as many felt that allegiance could not be towards two micronations at once. In addition, Parliament felt this was a possible security issue, especially if Dracul developed negative relations with that other micronation. Apparently, this law is for those who actively serve foreign governments; not inactive monarchies who are simply moral support.

Saturday afternoon, Vice President Luke released a statement, informing all affected citizens of the stipulations of the law:

As some might be aware, Senate Bill 008 was recently passed into law. This new law prohibits a person from maintaining their citizenship with us, while serving another government. This law was proposed by several members of Parliament and was done so for the security and patriotism of our great nation. Parliament, as well as numerous citizens, expressed their thoughts on the freedom for citizens to go back and forth between nations. Their view was that it did not reflect a positive manner on the lines of allegiance.

We do not wish to part ways with anyone who feels targeted, so we are providing a five-day grace period for anyone affected, beginning June 23, 2019. This will allow time to consider which nation they prefer to serve.

Regardless of choice, please accept our wishes to all affected. We wish you well in your future and thank you for being a part of our community.