Severe storms rattle Dracul Thursday evening

Thursday evening was a nerve wrecking time for many in the Houston, Harris County area. Severe thunderstorms brought with it large amounts of rain, tornadoes, and lightening shows. A $5.8M mansion, previously owned by Chuck Norris, located 25 minutes West of Dracul in Friendswood, was reportedly in flames as well.

"This was quite a storm" said Vice President Luke, who rode out the storm at the nearby Draculian Embassy. "KHOU-11 News reported more "positive" lightening strikes than "negative" ones, which according to the news is a bad thing." he ended. After further research into "positive" strikes, it was learned that positive strikes are the type of strikes that set houses on fire, have full power, and typically catch your attention with a large blue-colored flash.

The administration is expected to visit Dracul later in the afternoon, as they await the flood waters in most areas to reduce. It is unknown at this time if there are any damaged infrastructure inside Dracul.