About our Governor

As the 1st Governor of the State of South Dracul, Kassie Bushong begins building a track record, as a conservative leader who fights to preserve South Dracul values like faith, family and freedom.

Under Governor Bushong’s leadership, South Dracul comes in 2nd place, in job creation as a record number of South Draculians are employed even as the state’s population continues its record growth.

Building on the four pillars of safety and security, education, economic advancement and the preservation of liberty, she proudly signed legislation banning sanctuary cities, reforming the child protective system, investing in early and higher education, reining in regulatory regimes that strangle innovation, and ensuring that unborn children are treated with the basic dignity human life demands.

Prior to her election in 2019, Kassie Bushong was a citizen of Dracul, who searched for a career path, bettering the state and nation, as a dedicated Draculian.

About our State

The State of South Dracul was formed February 2018, as the Federal Government decided that independent states needed to make a majority of the decisions for their citizens.

South Dracul prides itself as being the "gate" of Dracul, since South Dracul is the only way to enter Dracul, via land bridge. While South Dracul is the smallest state, both by population and land mass, it does carry the largest responsibility of border inspection and protection.

South Dracul is popular in many ways; primarily for its large open grass areas and soccer fields, where most of Dracul's celebrations take place. South Dracul does posses the largest parking areas for citizens and visitors, which is located directly towards the left when entering.

At this time, there is currently one constable and no state militia. All law enforcement actions are performed by the Houston Police Department, per Texas state law.