Department of State • Secretary Tyler Hibler
Serving since January 9, 2019

About the Department of State

On behalf of the Draculian people we promote and demonstrate democratic values and advance a free, peaceful, and prosperous world. The Dracul Department of State leads Dracul’s foreign policy through diplomacy, advocacy, and assistance by advancing the interests of the Draculian people, their safety and economic prosperity. There shall be at the seat of government an executive department to be known as the "Department of State," and a Secretary of State, who shall be the head thereof.

Diplomacy and Recognition

The Commonwealth of Dracul informally recognizes all micronations. If a micronation desires to establish full diplomatic relations with the Commonwealth, please contact the Department of State.  Please be aware that our requirements for formal recognition must be met to receive recognition and diplomacy. There are no exceptions. If a requesting Micronation meets these criteria, the Department of State will contact them and send a Treaty of Recognition and Friendship, signed by the Secretary of State for the approval of the government of the requesting Micronation. Effective 12/17/2018, Parliament must give the final approval of all treaties, regardless of details. Interested parties can download the Diplomatic Criteria here.

Dracul Secretary of State

Tyler Hibler
Since January 9, 2019

Ambassador of Dracul to I.C.A.N.

Valeriano Anibarro
Since January 10, 2019

Friendship & Recognition Date Established Status
Kingdom of Ourania
The Aerican Empire 10/08/2017 Active
Republic of Onoland
Tsardom of Onoland
House of DeHerrera 05/13/2018 Active
Royal Kingdom Aristocracy Africans 07/12/2018 Active
Grand Duchy of Pikeland 10/13/2018 Active
Intl'. Cong. of Allied Nations 10/14/2018 Full Member
Republic of West Who 10/28/2018 Active
Xingoyian Empire 11/01/2018 Active
Anacratic Republic of Padrhom 11/10/2018 Active
Principality of Perjoden 11/17/2018 Active
Grand Duchy of Flandrensis
(Upgraded to Formal Status)
Kingdom of Legialle 12/11/2018 Active
KumoriSol Empire 12/18/2018 Active
Alphadom of Khager 01/21/2019 Active
Republic of Socovia 01/22/2019 Active
Confederate States of America 01/26/2019 Active
Democratic States of Etruscan Federation 01/28/2019 Active
Kingdom of Fristehen 02/02/2019 Active
Imperium of DeWaCo Estates 02/16/2019 Active
Republic of Saint-Castin 02/16/2019 Active
Federated State of Gradonia 02/18/2019 Active
Tsardom of Phokland 02/20/2019 Active
Confederation of Suvietour Socialist Reichs 02/22/2019 Active
Kingdom of Sycamore 03/20/2019 Active
Grand Duchy of Hagersbourg 03/21/2019 Active
Recognition Only Date Established Status
Republic of Molossia 09/25/2017 Informal
Kingdom of Ruritania 01/13/2019 Informal
Defunct Treaties/Nations Date Established
Republic of Egan 10/15/2017
Kingdom of Seredniye 04/09/2018
Kingdom of the Barin 05/12/2018
Fed. Socialist People's Republic 05/13/2018
Republic of Moldania 07/22/2018
Republic of Banham 07/25/2018
Withdrawn by Dracul Reason for Revocation
Metropolitan Electorate of Fidelis Undiplomatic/Hostile to LGBT
Micronational Association of North America Amending policies w/o votes
Kingdom of Laconia Violated recognition criteria