The Commonwealth of Dracul has planned Suicide Awareness as their Presidential Campaign, beginning September 1, 2019. The mission of this campaign is for all partners to gather local resources, such as facilities, doctors, and clinics for those seeking help in their area. Supporters are also helpful and assist by spreading the word of our mission, as well as the database we'll offer for resources.

2019 Suicide Prevention Partners Date Established
Kingdom of Ourania 02/02/2019
KumoriSol Empire 02/14/2019
Tsardom of Phokland 02/21/2019
State of Gradonia 02/21/2019
People's Semvenne Socialist Republic 02/25/2019
Etruscan Federation 03/20/2019
Arstotzka 04/19/2019
Grand Duchy of Westarctica 05/03/2019
Alphadom of Khager 05/05/2019
Kingdom of Pöllömaa 05/12/2019
Republic of Tanish 07/08/2019
Suicide Prevention Supporters Date Established
Republic of Molossia 02/01/2019
Republic of West Who 02/22/2019
Buka Socialist Republic 05/19/2019
Republic of Ut Pace 07/07/2019