Treaty negotiations failed and follow-up events

A treaty negotiation between Dracul and Karnia-Ruthenia empire failed on February 19, 2019.

The reason for this fail of negotiation is mainly because of the differences of nation operating style which leads to conflict during the meeting. Since Karnia-Ruthenia empire is a micronation that focuses on formalism, King Oscar claimed the treaty did not show the principle of “equality and fairness” and even shows an arrogant attitude toward Tyler Hibler, Dracul's Secretary of State.

After the negotiation failed,  V.P. Luke wrote an e-mail to King Oscar expressing his view.

"While we understand and respect that your micronation holds the right to operate in a different manner than ours, we cannot allow another micronation, who claims to stand by the principle of “equality and fairness” in their treaty, to act in an arrogant manner against our Commonwealth administration, especially while attempting to establish relations with us, which is a privilege granted by us. A simple, respectful request for more details could have certainly been honored, instead of a one-page email, complaining about how documents are not professional enough and how no professional micronation would sign them. There appear to be too many differences between our operation styles, that would possibly cause more issues in the future. We certainly hope this can be considered a learning curve for both yourself, as well as us."

International Editor

Jacky Yang from Taiwan, Taichung city